About Us

Hand in hand with the nature

The Pielach Valley in Lower Austria sprawls across rolling hills and green meadows. A quiet and tranquil place to stop, take a rest and enjoy peaceful daydreams. It is also a place that delights anyone who considers themselves fans of natural cosmetics. Here, inside this inviting landscape is Ober-Grafendorf, and the well-informed know that this is the home of a very special place. In this one of a kind place where tradition meets modern is the home of STYX Naturcosmetic.

Since 1965, for more than 50 years, the Austrian family company, now with around 50 employees, has dedicated itself to the manufacture of natural cosmetics. What sounds like a richly varied craft, is much more at STYX Naturcosmetic. For us, the process of creating natural cosmetics goes way beyond craft. Those who seek to produce truly natural cosmetics which reflect the philosophy, quality and passion of the company cannot see this process as merely craft; it is art. The art of unparallelled natural skincare.

However, we aspire to reflect this not only in our products. If you are interested in the manufacture of natural cosmetics, you are more than welcome to visit us in the Pielach Valley. We give our visitors the opportunity to learn a great deal about the topic of natural cosmetics every day, authentically and more than simply “skin deep”. Our well-lit and glazed production halls offers interesting insights into our day to day work, despite strict hygiene regulations. The in-house natural cosmetics shop and a cozy bistro invite you to stay a while and relax.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. For more than 50 years, we have been processing the best that nature has to offer at our factory in Ober-Grafendorf and in this way produce natural cosmetics that are now recognised for their quality in over 40 countries worldwide.

TRADITION meets MODERN with us, and the wealth of ancestral wisdom meets scientific methodology. This is not a contradiction for STYX Naturcosmetic, but the basis of our successful work. New processes are continually applied in our in-house laboratory to further optimise the effectiveness of our natural active ingredients.

However, the term ‘natural cosmetics’ means more than that. Alongside the products, ECOLOGICALLY SUSTAINABLE MANUFACTURING should be equally important. That is why we decided to use renewable energy at STYX. An in house wood chip heating plant combined with systematic reforestation by our regional wood suppliers, and the exclusive use of GREEN POWER allows us to produce in a CLIMATE-NEUTRAL way.

REGIONALITY really does play an important role for us. That is why we procure the majority of the raw materials we use from our direct local area. This enabled us to build up longstanding partnerships with the local organic farmers on whose quality we can fully rely. The fact that this keeps the necessary transport routes to a minimum is another bonus point for our ecological claim.