ECOCERT Certificate

ECOCERT is an internationally recognized certification organization for food and cosmetic products. The defined quality criteria set the standard for natural and organic cosmetics. STYX Naturcosmetic has been working closely with ECOCERT since 2011 to ensure the highest quality standards. During certification, every single product is checked. Particular attention is paid to the origin and quality of raw materials and processing in the company. Everyone involved in the value-added process - from the raw material supplier to marketing - is checked during certification by ECOCERT. In an ongoing process and continuous dialogue, the entire STYX product portfolio is adapted to the standards. Already certified products can be identified with the ECOCERT logo. ECOCERT quality criteria for natural cosmetics: - 95% of all ingredients are of natural origin. - 5% of all ingredients in the final product come from organic cultivation. - 50% of the plant materials used come from organic cultivation. - Synthetic dyes and fragrances, synthetic fats, oils, silicones and crude oil products are not allowed. - No animal testing with the finished product - Use of animal raw materials from live animals only - Only certain preservatives are allowed. - No use of genetically modified raw materials - No radioactive radiation for sterilization of raw materials or products

Austria organic guarantee

Austria Bio Garantie GmbH (ABG) was founded in 1993 and was the first organic certification office in Austria. Their business covers the inspection and certification of organic products throughout the food chain. ABG works on behalf of the food safety authorities. Products certified by ABG are identified by our code number: AT-BIO-301. Many of our handmade chocolates carry this organic label.


International Association for Cosmetics and Devices.


Our vegan logo allows you to see at a glance which STYX products are 100% free of animal ingredients.

IHTN - Cruelty-free cosmetics

STYX is a member of the Internationalen Herstellerverband für tierschutzgeprüfte Naturkosmetik, Kosmetik und Naturwaren eV [International Manufactory Association against Animal Testing in Cosmetics] (IHTN).This ensures that the product range is produced without animal testing.

We are organic

- with organic active substances - 100% certified natural cosmetics

Austria (WKO)

Foreign Trade Organization of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce


The EUROPEAN GREEN AWARD brings national and international recognition for special achievements of companies as well as individuals and honours an international jury of green product, project, event, hotel, marketing and change maker experts who have done excellent work for sustainability in Europe.