Orange essential oil 10ml

Orange essential oil 10ml Orange essential oil 10ml

Orange essential oil 10ml

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Preparation: pressing and centrifugation of the peel of Citrus sinensis / Citrus aurantium var. Dilcis.

Appearance: light, flowing, volatile, with a yellowish and orange hue.

Major constituents: limonene, decyl aldehyde, linalool, nonyl, amyl, phenylethyl alcohol, terpineol, caprylic and methyl ether, citral, citronellal, anethole, geraniol, acetaldehyde, flavone glycosides, hesperidin, eriodictyol, carotene, rutin, thiamine, riboflavin.

Aromatic bouquet: soft fruity, with a flattering caramel hue and a cosy 'village attic' aftertaste.

Complimentary aromas: pepper, sage (Salvia), oregano, nutmeg.

Therapeutic grade: aromatic adaptogen.

Main action: antidepressant, normalizes physiological biorhythms, anti-cellulite, vitaminizing, regenerating, antispasmodic.

Unusual information and historical facts: orange inhalation increases visual acuity. Orange tea is effective for hypermenorrhea and polymenorrhea and also for lazy bowels. In cooking, orange neutralizes the action of oily and heavy food. Inhalations relieve attacks of 'chest frog'. Baths have a deintoxicating and cleansing effect.

Psycho-emotional effect: removes asthenia, anxiety, depression, autumn-spring exacerbations of depression, the syndrome of "expectation of bad events", depression after illnesses and traumas. Normalizes the sleep-wake cycle, increases the productivity of relaxation. Helps to restore emotional balance in case of lack of self-control.

Cosmetic application: removes adipocyte fatty degeneration, brings out cellulite. Increases the elasticity and protective factor of the epidermis. Ideal care for dry, flabby, capricious and for shrinking pores. Regenerates, renews the skin. Helps restore hair damaged by chemical agents, sun and salt water, removes dandruff, stimulates hair growth. When taken internally stimulates melanin synthesis.

Healing properties: relieves eye strain and fatigue, increases visual acuity in high-strain hypovitaminosis. Removes gingivitis, bleeding gums, enters the complex therapy for periodontal disease. Temperature-reducing agent. Has a mild choleretic effect, optimizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract, eliminates gastritis. Mild anticoagulant with indirect action. Optimizes coronary blood flow, supports the nutrition of the heart muscle in IHD (concomitant therapy). Prevents weight gain. Stimulates metabolism. Promotes the utilization and elimination of stagnant and toxic products in the body. Helps in the treatment of burns. Stimulates the protective functions of the body. Ideal supplement for accompanying therapy in colds and chronic diseases. Has a rejuvenating effect.

Home use: in cooking - an additive in dessert dishes, liqueurs, infusions, tea, sauces for fish, poultry and in rice dishes. For flavouring rooms against moths.

Important: the essential oil is photosensitive, so do not apply to the skin immediately before sun exposure.

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