Lavender essential oil 10ml

Lavender essential oil 10ml Lavender essential oil 10ml

Lavender essential oil 10ml

Product №: 1-20-1 507

Preparation: steam distillation of Lavandula officinalis.

Appearance: light, fine, colourless.

Major components of the composition: thujene, myrcene, linalool, pinenes, camphene, octenols, octanone, octanol, butyl butyrate, hexylacetate, cymene, carene, cineol, ocimene, terpinen, sabinene hydrate, linalooloxides, octyl acetates, camphor, borneol, lavandulol, terpinenol, hexyl butyrate, linalyl acetate, bornyl acetate, lavandulyl acetate, geranyl acetate, caryophyllene, farnesene, germacrene, cadinene, caryophyllene oxide, cadinol.

Aromatic bouquet: clean, transparent, with a misty freshness, bell-cool, soft-woody.

Complementary fragrances: Myrrh, Myrtle (myrrh), Clove, Cinnamon, Citronella, Cypress, Juniper, Fir Cones, Geranium, Rose, Patchouli, Sage, Rosemary.

Therapeutic grade: relaxant.

Main action: lymphatic drainage, cooling, regenerating, immunomodulating, bradykinase, effective in dermatitis of different genesis.

Unusual information and historical facts: aroma-abstractionist, removes personal interest, subjective view of the course of events. Develops psychological qualities, such as objectivity and fairness. Quick help in sunstroke and heatstroke. Lavender applications and poultices have been used successfully against mastitis.

Psycho-emotional effects: removes over-excitement, overwork, insomnia, neuroses, manic-depressive states. Quickly extinguishes attacks of aggression, helps to avoid conflict situations. Removes tearfulness, hysterical reactions. Takes away the consequences of excessive use of nicotine and alcohol.

Cosmetic use: refreshes, cools the skin, has a pronounced bradykinase, anti-current, detoxifying effect. Removes dermatitis, including non-specific (individual intolerance to cosmetic agents). Effective in neurodermatitis. Anticuperous. Against burns (thermal, ultraviolet, chemical, mechanical). Renews, regenerates the skin, removes keratoses, hyperemia, irritation, scaling. Effectively soothes inflammatory reactions of sensitive skin. Eliminates reactions to salicylates and barbiturates. Skin acclimatizing agent. Restores damaged hair, removes dandruff and alopecia (hair loss). Deodorizes, used to strengthen and polish nails.

Healing properties: analgesic, antispasmodic, antisclerotic (eliminates migraines, headaches, arterial pressure lability). Effective in vasomotor disorders - vertigo, nausea, motion sickness. Anti-cold, immunomodulatory, anti-cough, bronchodilating, removes the asthmatic component in inflammations. Relieves pain, edema, inflammation in angina, otitis. Removes rhinitis. Increases the endurance and resistance forces of the body. Removes reactive tachycardia and arrhythmia, optimizes blood circulation. Cleanses the body. Normalizes digestion, mildly choleretic. Angioprotective - prevents the development of varicose veins and couperose. Relieves pain, reduces swelling in neuritis, neuralgia, arthritis, myositis. Removes muscle spasms, hiccups, nervous tic. Anti-traumatic (against wounds, bruises). Anti-inflammatory and urinary action combines with anti-inflammatory in cystitis, urethritis and colpitis. Remedy for intimate cosmetics. Helps with PMS. Removes inflammation due to diaper use in children. An antidote to nicotine and alcohol.

Use in the home: moth repellent, for scenting bed linen, as an additive in rinse and ironing water. Removes greasy stains from clothes.

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