Grape seeds Base Oil 100ml.

Grape seeds Base Oil 100ml.

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Grapeseed oil - has detoxifying, antioxidant, lifting effect, strengthens connective tissue. Natural 'hormone of youth': stimulates collagen synthesis, increases skin elasticity and tone, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and whitening effect. An effective breast care product. Drains, shrinks pores Lipolytic, antioxidant, angioprotector. Source of cell renewal and regeneration, eliminates inflammatory reactions. Helps with hair loss.

The vine has been considered a sacred and magical plant since antiquity, not only for its appearance, but also thanks to its healing properties. People eat and drink the grape, turn it into raisins and cognac, into compote and champagne. The more grapes in the body, the better for its owner.  The therapeutic potential of grapes became particularly noticeable when ancient beauties began to use them for cosmetic purposes and found that grapes transformed attractiveness into true beauty.

Ingredients: this oil contains organic acids, glucose, fructose, potassium, sodium, cacium and iron salts, vitamins: C, B, A, enzymes, bioflavonoids, proanthocyanidins, phytoncides, tannins. This oil resembles tears of tears: light, golden, bright... There is practically no pronounced aroma, only a subtle trace of the presence of tannin substances. Its penetrating power is unique. It is like a guardian angel of youth, elasticity and freshness for every skin. It is effective both in internal and external application. It is called the "hormone of youth" because of its uniquely high content of bioflavonoids, which resemble human estrogens in structure - sometimes called phytoestrogens.

Therapeutic action of grapeseed oil: antioxidant, lipolytic, antisclerotic. Therefore, grapeseed oil is effective in fighting cellulite, varicose veins and couperose. It strengthens and makes elastic the walls of blood and lymph vessels, stimulating blood circulation. The magical ease with which it helps people get rid of their problems is due to proanthocyanidins - the strongest antioxidants. It is known that women's skin needs estrogens throughout life: estrogens control the secretory activity of sebaceous glands, hair growth, collagen synthesis. Estrogens normalize the secretion of sebaceous glands, slow skin aging, increase the rate of epidermal cell renewal, enhance collagen synthesis. Phytoestrogens allow not only to maintain elastic and fresh skin, but also give a solution to the delicate issue of bust care. Grapeseed oil is considered to this day to be the best remedy for maintaining the elasticity and tone of the breasts. When used internally, it lowers the risk of hormone-dependent tumours and cardiovascular disease.

The richness of the composition determines the richness of the action: grape seed oil is 5 times superior to vitamin E in its antioxidant activity! In the human body, this oil works together with ascorbic acid: it intercepts free radicals, stops peroxide oxidation chain reactions. It is particularly effective against lipid peroxide radicals and is a reliable protector of lipid membranes.

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*from controlled organic farming