Essential oil of lemon balm 10ml

Essential oil of lemon balm 10ml

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Cymbopogon winterianus

As a cosmetic application for aromatic skin care, lemon balm oil is a true essential oil that brings a balanced mood and strengthens the mind.

    Family: labial plants
    Found in: Europe, America, Asia
    Extraction: steam distillation
    Plant part used: fresh, flowering herb
    Aromatic profile: fresh, lemony with a floral aftertaste
    Effect according to literature: inspiring, balancing, invigorating

Extracted from the plant Melissa Officinalis. It has a warm and grassy aroma and is widely used in aromatherapy. Great first aid for shock states, panic and panic attacks, hysteria. It is extremely valuable for emotional health - calms the nervous system, fights depressive states. Effectively regulates sleep disorders and increases emotional tone. Improves concentration, increases attention and memorization.

Mint is one of the best adaptogens. The oil possesses a unique combination of properties - stimulates immunity and internal defense of the body and has antiviral activity. It is one of the most effective for treating colds and flu, as well as all types of coughs. Effectively fights diseases of the digestive organs and respiratory system. It lowers arterial blood pressure, equalizes and normalizes heart rhythm and improves blood circulation, effective in varicose veins. Helps to bring down edema and treat hematomas. Suitable for headaches and migraines. Acts antispasmodic, vascular strengthening.

Powerful analgesic, suitable remedy for muscle cramps, weakness, anaemia, vertigo. Helps to reduce allergic reactions, both skin and respiratory. Reduces discomfort in PMS, regulates hormonal balance and activity of the female reproductive system. As a cosmetic, the oil is suitable for problem skin prone to oiliness, helps with herpes. It has a rejuvenating effect on the skin. It is a great remedy for fighting skin infections and diseases, removes dandruff and greasiness and has a healing effect on the hair as well.

The value of STYX essential oils:

    100% naturally pure oils
    high quality raw materials
    Production by steam distillation or cold pressing
    Undiluted and unblended
    Bottled in Austria

What to consider when using:

All essential oils should be handled with care.

Essential oils are concentrates! Avoid contact of undiluted oils with skin and mucous membranes.

For skin care, always mix with STYX Basic oil and follow the dosage recommendations on the respective product!

Do not apply to eyes or broken skin.

Store out of reach of children. Do not swallow. Store in a cool place.
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*from controlled organic farming