Almond Base Oil 100ml

Almond Base Oil 100ml

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The almond's Latin name -- Amygdalus -- is derived from the name of the young Phoenician goddess of beauty, Amygdala, whose lovely complexion resembled the delicate blossom of the almond tree. Almond oil is rich in the most important fatty acids: about 60% oleic acid, linoleic acid, contains vitamin E. Almond oil is widely used in aromatherapy as a base for the preparation of aromatic compositions. Massage therapists prefer it as it is a superb remedy for impaired circulation and muscle stretching, and has a warming effect. Almond oil can also be used for dry, aged skin, prevents the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. Recommended for all skin types - especially suitable for dry, fragile and sensitive skin. Almond oil is also popular for baby care. Store in a cool, dark place after opening.


1. Almond oil absorbs very easily.

2. It helps to remove itching.

3. Suitable as a base for perfumes.

4. Makes the skin softer, brighter, more supple and elastic.

5. Ideal base for masks and creams.

6. Helps with bruises and rashes.

7. A classic oil for massage blends.

8. Ideal for treating dry and split skin.
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*from controlled organic farming