Chin Min peppermint oil 100ml

Chin Min peppermint oil 100ml Chin Min peppermint oil 100ml

Chin Min peppermint oil 100ml

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The Styx Chin Min product range was created as a care for the Austrian national football team. Subsequently, the STYX company decided that it should become available and be of help to all those in need. Chin Min oil creates a feeling of well-being and increases endurance, whether you are into running, skiing or other sports. It is also used to relieve headaches. Rub a few drops of it well on the chest and neck to soothe the airways. It is also an ideal companion in the sauna along with other essential oils. Its formula is based on components with absolutely opposite effects. Cinnamon and clove oils have a warming effect, while peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils have a pleasant cooling effect that refreshes and gives a feeling of coldness, banishing sleep. The opposite effect of the oils sends different impulses to the tissues and cells, making them work more actively and perform their functions faster and faster. The product reflects the age-old traditions of Oriental medicine, where many therapeutic effects on the body are represented in rituals and formulas. These include analgesic, antispasmodic, bactericidal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, vasoconstrictor and immunomodulatory properties:

- Removes stress and fatigue;

- Invigorates the body, providing a burst of energy, strength and a general feeling of freshness;

- Helps the body adapt more quickly to weather changes to which the body is not particularly friendly. Thanks to this, it relieves headaches, constant dizziness and general weakness;

- Improves mental activity;

- Added to the bath, tones the body;

- Helps with colds, bacterial and viral infections, inflammation and fever;

- Used to enrich cosmetic products for problem skin;

- Can be used as a mouthwash - refreshes, cleanses, helps regenerate mucous membranes;

- Beneficial for swelling, redness and itching from insect bites;

- Very effective in myositis, neuralgia and overwork from physical labor. Removes heaviness in the legs, reduces swelling and soothes;

- Suitable for massages, aromatherapy in the bath or added to cosmetic products.

Active ingredients: essential oils - Cinnamon (3 types), Clove, Peppermint (3 types), Eucalyptus, Tea Tree; alcohol.

Does not contain preservatives, colorants and excipients.

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  • ALCOHOL* *
*from controlled organic farming